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“Hunted by dogs!” Devised by chimpanzees?

What has man’s best friend done to deserve this?

Gary and I are great dog-lovers.  We are therefore  far less than pleased to read about the idiotic new TV3 reality show Jagad av hundar (Hunted by dogs) in which young people go off in search of a treasure. And then get hunted down by dogs. Which chimpanzees thought that one up?

I do have one consolation. When Swedish dog-owners get wind of this they are quite rightly going to go ballistic.  Not a group to be messed with. Now there’s a great idea for a dramatic TV show:  Hounded by Dog-owners. A group of TV executives in search of a quick buck get hunted down by some very irate  ladies from Östermalm and their pooches. Definitely not suitable for family viewing!

I tried to get a reaction from Gary’s pooch Cazpar on this latest TV show. He just slinked off to his basket.  Far too dignified to even waste his time with a comment.