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Jeff Kinney: an admirably quixotic wimp

What madman opens a small kids bookshop in 2014? Only a wimp would dare!

Every parent knows the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  Underdog Greg Heffley has become a hit with kids all over the world. Jeff Kinney, the author, was on the Skavlan chat-show  last night.

He commented that there are only three countries he has been to that don’t have a word for wimp and Sweden is one of them.

A very likeable chap. His dream originally was to be an artist but he just didn’t have the skill. Instead he used his drawings to illustrate his books. The rest is history.
He and his wife, Julie, are now going to open a kids’ bookshop and arts centre in Plainville, the small town where they live in Massachusetts. They want kids get a chance to have access books rather than just reading on screens.
A small gesture and hopelessly quixotic I know. But it was a sunshine story that gave me a big smile.

Good luck to them!