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Hats off to Bio Reflexen in Kärrtorp!

Talk about quality of life!

I had a five minute walk yesterday evening to Reflexen, our fabulous local fleapit here in Kärrtorp to see their Monday evening film. It’s run by volunteers so ticket prices are low and the films are chosen with great care. Little popcorn and coke here. Instead we get home-made cakes and coffee.

How lucky we are to have them!

There’s a strong community spirit in the southern suburbs. The very admirable Linje 17 get a lot of headlines, but I take my hat off to those enthusiastic volunteers at Reflexen who make it possible for local people, both young and old, to see quality films in their hood.

And what an amazing film we saw! Uberto Pasolini’s Still Life. British cinema of world class.

Eddie Marsan gives the performance of a lifetime. He is a council worker struggling to give the funerals of people who have died alone some dignity and respect.

Here’s an interview with the director Uberto Pasolini. Only his second film as director!


Low-key, melancholic, restrained, very amusing and extremely moving. If it was music it would be a chamber piece in a minor key.

Not many car chases, explosions or alien invasions in this one!
See it!