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The rather fabulous Watson housing vocabulary Swedish -English dictionary

Far be it from us to brag, but there can be few people in Sweden who have such an in-depth knowledge of housing vocabulary in both English and Swedish as we do.

I’m not bad. I know words like door, wall, window, cat poo and roof. My esteemed colleague Gary Watson knows words like: cohabitee (medboende), debt recovery officer (inkassohandledare), confirmation of termination (uppsägningsbekräftelse) and urban area (tätort).

Impressed? You ought to be!

We’ve even created a Swedish- English – Swedish dictionary in collaboration with our business partners at SABO. What’s particularly clever about it, is that is constantly snowballing. Every time we do a new course with people working in the municipal housing sector, we add any new words that they mention. This means that it is absolutely up-to-date with developments in that sector such as recycling. A simple but very effective tool.

If you are interested in the list, please drop us a mail.