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Bubbly, vivacious, entertaining, inspiring

Space scientist and TV presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock really knows how to give a speech.


One much-appreciated service that we provide at Watson Language, is giving people who are going to give a speech or presentation the chance to have a “dress rehearsal.” It always help to get some feedback prior to an important piece of public seaking. Particularly if it’s in a foreign language. Coaching on pronunciation, grammatical accuracy and pacing  do  a lot to boost confidence.

But at the end of the day, it’s getting your message across that matters. The odd mistake here and there is unlikely to impede that.

Maggie is a marvelous role model for any speaker, Personal,  engaging and rather humorous. Very uplifting for any kids who are having self-conidence issues. The story of how she conquered her dyslexia, largely through her love of science would inspire anyone.

My son is dyslexic, so school can be pretty heavy going for him, despite having very caring, inspiring teachers who are really looking out for him.  So fellow dyslexic, Ms Aderin, was a real breath of fresh air.

A well-known fígure in the UK, she was recently a guest on the very popular Desert Island Discs. Her first piece of music? One of Van Morrison’s best songs: Moondance!