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Blackadder returns – In Swedish

I was a tad surprised to see that one of Gary and my favourite British TV shows, Blackadder, is returning. In Swedish. On stage at Intiman in Stockholm.

It won’t however be the first time that it has been done as a stage show:

The Hexagon Theatre in Reading did a production featuring three episodes from Series 2.


But director and writer Anders Albien must like a challenge. The original series was written by among others, Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, and featured Rowan Atkinson (the best thing he’s ever done), Hugh Laurie, Steven Fry and Tony Richardson. A very difficult act to follow.

There were four series, each set in a different historical period: the Middle Ages, the reign of Elizabeth 1, Georgian England and World War.

Here’s the late, great Rik Mayall guesting as Lord Flashman at the Court of Queen Elizabeth:

And now Robbie Coltrane as Dr Johnson and Hugh Laurie as the Prince Regent.

In this episode, the only copy of Johnson’s lifework, his Dictionary has been destroyed and Blackadder and his servant Balrick are trying to re-write it.

Go on! Buy yourself a box set and enjoy!